A leading workplace savings program that builds financial stability in your employees.

Split to Save is a workplace savings program offered to employers at no-cost, with a menu of resources to guide your staff toward better financial wellness and stability.

Show them just how much you care.

A magic formula for financial health doesn’t exist. But as their employer you are uniquely positioned to build a foundation for your workforce that is equipped with tools, resources, and solutions to lessen financial stressors. By helping to reduce or eliminate financial concerns, you’ll have a happier, more productive staff that saves your company time and money.

Support you can trust, for the people who trust you.

How It Works

Employers sign up for the Split to Save program. During the very simple virtual orientation you’ll decide what resources you’d like to implement at your organization. The Split To Save and America Saves Team are there to support you as you incorporate the program into your organization.

Split to Save tools and resources support employees with a relatable and simple approach to saving for short-term and long-term goals with strategies like splitting your direct deposit and saving automatically.

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Saving your company time and money.

We know that financial wellness is the pathway to a thriving, more stable employee base. That’s why at Split to Save we provide a turnkey solution for financial wellness in the workplace. Our resources are easy-to-implement and have incredible benefits for both the employer and employees.

Split to Save Employer Benefits:

  • Our program and resources are available at no-cost to you.
  • After initial enrollment America Saves will provide continuous support to your employees to help keep them on track towards their savings goal.
  • Choose from our suite of resources to decide the best options for your organization.
  • Reporting, outreach, and other insights that meet consumer privacy practices are available.
  • Direct support from the Split to Save and America Saves team to guide you to success.
  • Your team will achieve a higher level of productivity and comfort knowing their employers care beyond their hours at the office.

Split To Save Employee Benefits:

  • Employees receive support grounded in behavioral science that has a no-shaming approach, and created to encourage them to take action.
  • Down-to-earth relatable tools, resources, and solutions that are easy-to-implement into their daily lives.
  • Assists in helping to identify and meet those short-term and long-term savings goals using best practices like splitting direct deposit and automatic savings.
  • Those who take the Split to Save Pledge will receive on-going engagement opportunities via email, text messaging, and social media.
  • Reduced distractions and financial worries, which translates to a higher rate of happiness and productivity.

Need more information?

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  • Split Deposit provides automatic savings, convenience, control, and reliability.
  • Workers who use Split Deposit save up to $90 more per month than those who use another method to save.
  • Split Deposit can assist workers with their short- and long-term savings goals quickly and effortlessly.
  • Split Deposit can build employee satisfaction.

What Happens When I Sign Up?

Once employers sign up for Split to Save, you’ll be guided through the entire process via email, including implementing Split to Save and choosing which additional resources are the best fit for your organization.

You’ll also receive a “Proud Split to Save Employer” badge to display on social media and your website.

Of course, our team will reach out to you! However, you may feel free to contact our Split to Save Team at info@americasaves.org.

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Start helping your employees develop a lifetime savings habit today!